„…well, now’s the time! You are the chosen one! The bad thing is, of course, you still have your past, your parents, past, parents, past, parents.
Do you love them? Yes, of course you do, you adore them like everybody does. Do you remember the first time you really felt that they love you? That strange feeling deep down in your stomach? From that moment until now it goes on and on…you want to have this feeling again and again, it won ́t let you go, right? And still you ́re chasing it, that mean feeling that stays just for a little while, that feeling that makes you believe you are someone special, you are someone. You ́re right in this place, you are right in this second. This is your starting point, the moment where you are just right damn fuckin`right, righter right than right! Right before the second you realize that you have the need to be loved by someone or something. Your whole life you want to come back to this point – and now you`re here in the room. In here and from now on you and me, we don ́t matter. Welcome, make a fresh start!…“